Most Frequently Asked Questions


 Q?  What are the requirements to receive a concealed pistol permit?

A. Basic requirements are: You must be 21 years of age or older; Citizen of the United States or a Resident Alien; Resident of Michigan for at least 6 months; Successful completion of Pistol Safety Training Course. The complete list of requirements can be found  at

Q?  How do I get a CPL application kit?

A. You need to visit your local police agency or County clerk and obtain a free Concealed pistol application kit. Additional processing information can be found

Q? For the purposes of this law, what is a “Mental Illness” that can disqualify an applicant?

A. “Mental Illness” means a substantial disorder of thought or mood that significantly impairs judgment, behavior, capacity to recognize reality, or ability to cope with the ordinary demands of life, and includes, but is not limited to, clinical depression. Also read AG Opinion 7189 of Mar’06

Q? Are there any places where I may not carry a concealed pistol?

Anyone licensed to carry a concealed pistol from Michigan or another state shall not carry a concealed pistol in any of the pistol free zones. For a complete list, please see: Pistol Free Areas.

Q? Can I have a drink and carry?

An individual licensed to carry a concealed pistol shall not possess a concealed pistol on their person or motor vehicle while they have any bodily alcohol content (.02 bodily alcohol content [BAC] or above) or a controlled substance. Additional details and penalties may be found HERE.

Q? Can I carry more than one gun?

Yes. The permit does not list specific guns nor does it limit the number of guns that can be carried.

Q?  Note:


Firearms laws are constantly changing. Statutes are frequently amended by the legislature and courts hand down opinions that provide interpretation of the meaning of statutes. To stay abreast of current changes, subscribe to our weekly newsletter.



Concealed Pistol License (CPL) & Renewal 

1.  What are the requirements to receive a concealed pistol license? 

MCL 28.425b    please see: Requirements to Obtain a Concealed Pistol License

2.  How do I renew my concealed pistol license? 

MCL 28.425l    please see:  License Renewal for an outlined description for renewal procedures. 

3. After receiving my Concealed Pistol License, I moved to a different county within Michigan.  Do I need to reapply in the new county?  

MCL 28.425b  No.  If a Concealed Pistol License holder moves to a different county within Michigan, his or her license remains valid until it expires or is otherwise suspended or revoked.  When your license expires, the renewal of that license will occur in your new county of residence.  You may notify the county clerk in the county that issued your license of your new mailing address to ensure that you are notified when your concealed pistol license is about to expire.

4.  How old do I have to be in order to apply for a concealed pistol permit? 

MCL 28.421    Twenty-one (21) years of age.

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Information for CPL Holders 

1.  Are there any places where I may not carry a concealed pistol? 

MCL 28.425o    Anyone licensed to carry a concealed pistol from Michigan or another state shall not carry a concealed pistol in any of the prohibited premises, unless he or she is exempt under MCL 28.425o(5).  For a complete list, please see: Prohibited Premises.  Refer to Federal law for federally restricted areas.

 2. Does my valid Concealed Pistol License allow me to carry a concealed pistol in a state park?  

 MCL 324.504  states that the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) shall not promulgate or enforce a rule that prohibits a CPL holder from carrying a pistol on property under the control of the DNR. 

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Concealed Weapons (Non-CPL Holders) 

1.  If I do not have a CPL permit, may I transport my pistol in a motor vehicle?  

MCL 750.231a   A person is permitted to transport a pistol for a lawful purpose if the owner or occupant of the vehicle is the registered owner of the firearm and the pistol is unloaded, in a closed case designed for the storage of firearms, and in the trunk of the vehicle. If the vehicle does not have a trunk, the pistol may be in the passenger compartment of the vehicle provided the pistol is unloaded, in a closed case designed for the storage of firearms, and not readily accessible to the occupants of the vehicle. 

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Pistol Registration, Purchase, and Transfer for Michigan Residents  

1.  Are there any fees for the following Michigan forms? 

License to Purchase:   MCL 28.422   You may be charged a fee to notarize the application for a License to Purchase.  Additionally, a local police department or county sheriff may charge up to $1.00 for the cost of providing, to the owner, a copy of information that was entered in the pistol entry database.                                           

Pistol Sales Record:  
MCL 28.422a  A local police department or county sheriff may charge up to $1.00 for the cost of providing, to the owner, a copy of information that was entered in the pistol entry database.

License to Carry a Concealed Pistol:   The application fee is $100 for a new application, $115 for a renewal application.  An additional $15 fee will be charged for fingerprinting services for a new application. 

2.  How old do I have to be in order to legally own a pistol in Michigan? 

MCL 28.422     Eighteen (18) years of age.  However, Federal law prohibits a federally licensed firearms dealer from selling a pistol to anyone under the age of twenty-one (21). 

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Firearms Rights - Persons convicted of crimes or subject to a PPO 

1. There is a personal protection order (PPO) issued against me. Am I prohibited from buying a firearm? Does the PPO affect the firearms that I already own? 

MCL 28.422  prohibits you from obtaining a License to Purchase a pistol if you have received notice of the PPO and had an opportunity for a hearing.  If the judge included in the PPO that you are prohibited from owning or possessing firearms, then it would affect the firearms you already own. 

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Other Weapons (Non-Pistols) 

1.  In Michigan, can I carry a self-defense spray in my car or on my person for protection? 

MCL 750.224d    Yes, but only if it is either: 

·   Not more than 35 grams of any combination of orthochlorobenzalmalononitrile and inert ingredients (CS gas); or 

·   A solution containing not more than 10% oleoresin capsicum (pepper spray). 

2.  I recently purchased a double-edged survival knife. Does Michigan law allow me to carry this in my vehicle? 

MCL 750.227    No. A dagger, dirk, stiletto, or double-edged non-folding stabbing instrument of any length, or any other dangerous weapon, except a hunting knife adapted and carried as such, cannot be carried concealed on or about a person, or whether concealed or otherwise in any vehicle operated or occupied by the person, except in their own home, place of business or on other land possessed by the person. 

3.  Is it illegal to have a knife with a blade over 3 inches in my possession? 

MCL 750.226   No. Michigan law specifies that a person, with intent to use the knife unlawfully against another, shall not go armed with a knife having a blade over 3 inches in length. 

4.  Is a flare gun used as a signaling device on a watercraft required to be registered in Michigan? 

MCL 28.432b   No.   

5. Is it illegal to possess brass knuckles or billy clubs? 

MCL 750.224 prohibits the manufacture, sale, offering for sale or possession of a blackjack, slungshot, billy, metallic knuckles, sand club, sand bag or bludgeon. 

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Federal Firearms Laws 

1.  Who can I contact with questions concerning federal regulations on pistols?  

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, Area Supervisor, Compliance, 1155 Brewery Park Boulevard, Suite 300A, Detroit, Michigan 48207-2602. Phone: 313-259-8050. 

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Firearms Related Questions 

1. Is an individual required to carry a copy of his or her Safety Inspection Certificate with him or her at all times? 

Michigan law does not require a person to have a copy of his or her certificate with his or her pistol after it has been registered; nor does the law require that a person keep a copy.  As of January 2009, Safety Inspection Certificates are no longer issued.

2.  How should long-guns be legally transported? 

MCL 750.227d describes that any firearm other than a pistol can only be transported in or upon a motor vehicle or any self-propelled vehicle designed for land travel if the firearm is unloaded and is one or more of the following: taken down, enclosed in a case, carried in the trunk of the vehicle, or inaccessible from the interior of the vehicle. 

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1.  My pistol, along with the Michigan registration (Safety Inspection Certificate, License to Purchase or Pistol Sales Record) was stolen and I need to provide my insurance company and the police agency with the description of my gun, what should I do? 

You can request the information through the Michigan State Police, Freedom of Information Unit, P.O. Box 30634, Lansing, Michigan 48909-0634 for which there is a $10.00 fee or you can request a Public Query at your local police agency or at Michigan State Police Firearms Records Unit.  They may charge up to $1.00 for this service.  The Firearms Records Unit will look up the information and provide it directly to the agency where you reported the gun stolen at no charge, if requested