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  Extend your training and knowledge with our CPL web based initial and renewal class preparation study program  

   Cost effective training from the convenience of your computer .

  The course is designed to present all class material in one location with easy to use formats that will encourage user participation.

  Presentation Application Formats

The user of this program will need to have adobe reader and a video viewer such as installed on Microsoft Windows.  Other video applications may also work.

The programs run best on the following browsers: Internet Explorer,  FireFox  Google

Microsoft Edge may not work with the video, slideshows and PowerPoint.  If you use Microsoft edge select it to open in with explorer browser.

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    Who Should Use This Program?

1. The Initial  CPL applicant - Please complete the Program Study Material Section and NRA Specific Section and written test before the CPL class ! 

 The program is a used as a study guide to help prepare the applicant for the academic requirements of the CPL class.   

This does not change the CPL training program.   Applicants are still required to attend a 8 hour the CPL course as required by law. 

2. Renewal applicant -  The CPL and Firearms Law Section ( part one ) meets and exceeds the renewal "three hours of required review"  for the legal Update Program.    Please complete this section and written test.  The NRA material is optional

3. A general knowledge study program for all gun owners 


Recommended Study Order

First do not let the presentation overwhelm you, remember this is a study program that will require about 3 hours + of of study and test time.


The material is laid out in the best order of use.
Review items in the Program Study Material Section and NRA as appropriate.

 Use supplemental documents as desired.

Program completion times are approximately 3 hours


 Program Study Material Section - Part One CPL and Firearms Law Section

  Michigan CPL Introduction Video run time 17 min

     See video above and review legal updates to video below (1-10)

      1. Pepper Spray Laws update ---------------------------  4- 2018

2. MSP CPL processing procedure -------------------- 12-2-2017

3. Concealed Pistol Application Form ------------------ 12-1-2015

4. Concealed Pistol License Application Guide --------12-1-2015

5. MSP Firearms, pneumatic & spring operated guns 7-1-2015

6. MSP Legal Update -  Tasers.pd -----------------------8-13-2012

7. MSP legal update NO. 86 - Firearms law ----------10/29/2010.

8. MSP Open carry of a pistol...revisited -------------- 5-2007

9. The Michigan self defense act of Oct 2006 ---------10-2006

10. Act 372 of 1927 28.425j Pistol training or safety program - July 23, 2004.

 11.   Class  CPL information overview    A PowerPoint review of above material -  Run time approx. 25 min 

 12.   CPL Class study guide Manual 07-2018  a 76 page manual of study content

 13.   MSP Concealed Pistol License Requirements

 14.   MSP  firearms and concealed pistol info source links

 15.  Firearms laws of Michigan (PDF Manual)-----  4 - 2018 edition



     Firearms Laws of Michigan 4-2018 manual edition in Flipping Book Format Publication - Check it out


     Shooting Skills and  Range Module

      Range Module Manual

      Course of Fire 

      Acc-u-check Target system - Transfer classroom skills to the range

     Handgun operation and Range Preparation videos  6 videos listed below

          1. Trigger Actions -  10 min

          2. Shooting Fundamentals - 4 min

          3. Semi Auto  - 5 min

         4. Revolver  - 5 min

         5.  22 semi auto handgun (Live fire range )   2 min

         6.  Range prep simulated shooting skills --  8 min

       7. Class room Simulated Training Options

      Total Run Time: 34 min


      End Part one here


       Part Two - NRA Specific Section


      NRA Personal Protection In The Home video - Run Time 60 min

      NRA Personal Protection in the Home - PowerPoint - video support

      NRA  The Mindset of Handgun Self Defense.pdf - Video support

      NRA Videos

     1. Introduction to Handgun Operation overview - 26 min

      2. Shooting Fundamentals - 4 min

      3. Semi Auto and Revolver Handgun Operation  -  7 min  

      4. Semi auto Handgun Operation 5 min

      5. Ammunition malfunctions - 2 min

 NRA written test study review     The written test is completed in class under the supervision of the instructor


     Legal Update and CPL Resources

     The CPL holder/gun owner is responsible for staying current on laws and CPL issues.

     You are not automatically put on a government update data base you purchase a firearm or have a concealed pistol license.

     You are responsible for finding resources that will provide reliable information. There are many sources provide this information on websites and social media. The only reliable source is the government entity publishing the laws .


    MSP contact web page

MSP - Contact Phone Numbers

      Firearms: 517-241-1917
Concealed Pistol License: 517-284-3700

MCOLES and the CPL Law

Use these links to sign up for Legal Resources and Updates
1. MSP connect click here for connect instructions  MSP civilian updates - see Receive Email Updates from MSP  MSP Email Updates on connect website
2. Legal Resources for Police Officers

3. MSP update example - This is another source of legal dates

     Our reference sources are listed under MSP resources and Most Used Website Reference Sources below


 Most used website reference source

Michigan attorney general
ATF registration
Michigan Legislature

Michigan State Police web site


 Homeland Security
 Us Customs and Border Patrol


Support Documents

Definitions - Firearms law and legal liability

Legal Resources for Police Officers

      MSP Legal Updates

       Subscribe to Legal Updates via email

      Criminal Law and Procedure Manual