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Get a HeadStart on your training with our exclusive Introduction and HeadStart Programs.

Most training programs contain some or all of the options listed below

The HeadStart preparation program contains four options to help you learn the course contents of the training course.

This allows you to prepare before attending your selected course.

The option(s) you choose or are recommended will depend on your current skill level, the prerequisite requirements of a class and your goals.

Option 1.     Academic HeadStart preparation

The Academic HeadStart preparation program is a web based home study program that allows you can extend your classroom training.

Now you can learn how to prepare from the convenience of your own computer.

The academic program contains the course content and a written test to see your basic knowledge of the course material.

The program is included at no extra cost with the pre-purchase of the course.

 Have a question when you home study? No problem!!! Prepare your questions and call or send them to me or bring them to the class.



Option 2. Handgun Purchase Decision making

This training is designed for those that would like to gain the partial knowledge and skills necessary to make the correct handgun purchase

Class contents:

1. Web based HeadStart that incudes discussions and video

2. Classroom "hands on"  decision making training

3. Live fire to test the handgun before you buy

Objective :  Learn how to gain the knowledge and ability  to make the important decision about selecting a handgun that is correct for you. 

 At the end of the training session you will have the knowledge of the variables that must be considered when purchasing a handgun.

 Range time is dedicated to "test shooting various handguns" to help in the decision making process.


Option 3.  Basic Handgun Training

This session has the following objectives:

1. Teach the basics of handgun shooting fundamentals and safety and range procedures.

2.  Assess the needs and requirement's of additional training based on the goals of the clients.

The Training session is divided into two parts: Both held at Bass Pro Shop

Part one: classroom - Instructor lecture, demonstrations, video and simulated shooting skill practice.

Part two: Live fire range - Live fire exercises.


Option 4. Simulated Practical and Tactical Training

A Cost effect method to develop the skills and mindset of concealed carry

 Objective: Here is where you learn about the practical tactics of carrying and using a handgun for self defense.