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Disclaimer notice: Handgun Training Specialist (HGTS) is an outside provider of training that uses the Bass Pro Facility.  We are not employed by or act as an agent for Bass Pro Shops. 

Training Location:  Bass Pro Shop  at Great Lakes Crossing Mall

Training Advantages - read more
Small classes with personal attention
Classroom and Range all at one location
One day class - times are 10am- 6:30pm

One Class fee includes all your training costs see complete fee schedule
Group rates available - call for more information    
We accept cash, checks and credit cards
Renewal applicants can attend part of CPL class to complete "required training"

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Training schedule



June 2018

Saturday 16, ccw class

Saturday, 23 ccw class

Wednesday, 27 ccw
July 2018     New program introduction

Saturday 14 - Semi auto Handgun

Sunday 15  - CCW class

Wednesday 25 CCW class

Saturday 28 - CCW class
August 2018     New Program introduction

 Thursday 2nd - Monday 6  Shooting Simulator
 Introduction and demonstration - a 
5 day event
Saturday  11 - ccw
Sunday     12-  Semi Auto Handgun
Saturday  18 - CCW
Saturday   25 -

 Training Support and Preparation  Section

Preparation is a key to success - Here is where we help you get the maximum advantage of your CPL training.

See how our support structure will help assure your training success

1.  Our exclusive CPL class preparation program - read more

 Extend preparation study time, increase knowledge and measure the results with a written test. 

With your class registration you will be redirected to our preparation study web page.

There we have two programs to help you prepare for the class.

     1.  The complete CPL prep program with a written test

     2. The quick review if your time is limited


2) The SSDT Shooting Skill Development Training Process - Read More

   The method of training that creates reliable results


3) Our EZ  registration and attendance procedure - read more


  Support videos  

                              See before attending class                       
                           see before attending class


Bass Pro Required disclaimer notice: Handgun Training Specialist (HGTS) is an outside provider of training that uses the Bass Pro Facility.  Handgun Training Specialists does not work for and is not associated with Bass Pro Shop. Handgun Training Specialist carries the mandated training liability insurance and meets all other BPS user requirements.



Class Knowledge Base Information section

Class Training Process


1. Complete the home study web based HeadStart preparation program (optional, but highly recommended)

 2. Attend the 8 hour course.  (Certificate of completion and application form issued at class).

 3 . Apply at your county clerks office and finger prints at sheriffs dept. (100.00 for application fee and 15.00 for finger prints.)

 4. The process takes about 30 days and the CPL license is mailed to your home address. 


CPL Application Section

Michigan Concealed Pistol Application Guide   

Oakland County CPL application procedure - here          

The new concealed pistol renewal guide only -here     

CPL renewal applicants website- see more   


The CPL Course Shooting Standards


State CPL See Course Content -  Act 372 of 1927.pdf

Range Module Briefing Manual


Entry level standards:  Our shooting skill development training method will help most shooters qualify on the first attempt.

1. Understand the basics of handgun operation and shooting safety

2. The ability to place shots in a 9 in circle at 12 ft. from a standing or sitting position

Completion Standards

Demonstrate safe handgun operation and and shooting skills to consistently and reliably place shots on a 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper up to a distance of 21 ft.  see how our CPL preparation training program will help the training process.


 Training Equipment Required

60 rounds of ammunition (Each)  We supply the ammunition with the prepaid EZ enrollment program

Eye and ear protection (furnished by HGTS) 

Eye glasses are approved eye protection. We supply goggles that fit over your classes if you prefer.

One handgun (furnished by HGT)

Class clothing - casual clothing such as blue jeans etc. is recommended

Ladies - please no low cut top wear- hot empty cases ejected form a semi auto handgun can fall into places that create a real discomfort factor. 

Shoes: Generally wear shoes that help prevent slipping and falling. 

Athletic shoes such as running and walking shoes are usually the best. No open toe shoes or sandals.

One baseball capEjected cases have been known to fall behind safety glasses. A cap of any type helps protect your eyes.

Note: Prescription eye glasses are approved as safety glasses at the range. If you wear classes and use them to shoot a hat provides a visor over your eyes to help prevent ejected cases for falling behind you glasses. 


  1. Training Reference Material

    Firearms Laws of Michigan 2015 edition - here

    CPL management for the next five years - Here

    Concealed Carry and Self Defense- Your responsibility

    The Legal Resource Library - here

    State Firearms Forms and Documents - here

    Handgun ownership facts  here    


  2. Most Used Websites 

    Michigan State Police web site



    Homeland Security

    US Customs and Border Patrol


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