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"Plus" Training Program

The CPL Gold Standard Class

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Add the Plus Factor to your The CPL class at no extra cost-


The course is divide into two parts to allow for class content that cannot be done in a standard 8 hour class due to live fire range limitations and the time constraints of classoom training. 


Plus Factor Components includes:

1.  The on line class preparation study guide.

2.  Court defensible training

2.  Expanded classroom firearms law and use of force training.

4.  CPL Simulated shooting skill training.

5.  Expanded Range time



The (NRA Personal Protection in the Home) Concealed Pistol Class

Who should take this class ?

1. CPL initial applicants

2. CPL Renewal applicants

3. Anyone that ownes a handgun/firearm for self defense.  

 You dont need a CPL to use a firearm for self defense. You need a gun!

 Therefore firearms laws and self defense apply to all who own a firearm. 

 The results of a deadly force confrontation will depend on many things.  The Top Two are TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE !!

Overview and content

The concept and goals of the class is to provide the time and type of training needed that will help the applicant reach the level of skill required to carry a concealed pistol.

This is a two-day class that have two seperate training objectives:

1.  Classroom

2.  Range

Seperate range and class dates are scheduled for each month.

The applicant can attend any of the days published.



The Plus Factor CPL Class Contains the following:

Part one:  Home Study: On line class preparation training 3.0 hours

Part Two:  Day one - Classroom content:  7.0 hours 

State and Federal laws 
Firearms Laws and  Use of Force
Safe Storage
Handgun Safety and shooting skills
NRA required content
Classroom simulated shooting skills
Range preparation
Review on line written tests







Part Three: Day two : Range  3.0 hours

3.    Live fire Shooting skills

           CPL  Course of Fire


Training Fees :  Fees are based on the ONE FEE PAYS ALL PROGRAM


 one person: $150.00 each

 Two people or more registering as a group:  $140.00 each

  Private Instruction: $ 190.00


Class Registration and Payment   


Registration and payment process:

Click on button and that will take you to the registration form. 

Here is where you will find the following sections:

 1. Registration

  2.  Class Dates

 3.  Range Dates

 4.  Class fee 

 5. Payment

 The payment process is through PayPal.  You can pay with credit card or a PayPal account

 Complete the payment process and you will be regirected to the class preparation study page.

 There are four study parts to the study program, each with its own test.   Review the material on the study page and complete the test.

 Submit the test to me for evaluation.  It will be corrected in the class or on line as appropriate.  




Items included in price of the class

2 Class manuals

100 rounds of ammunition (Each)  We supply the ammunition with the prepaid EZ enrollment program

Eye and ear protection (furnished by HGTS) 

Eye glasses are approved eye protection. We supply goggles that fit over your classes if you prefer.

One handgun (furnished by HGTS)

Range and Class fees

Exceptions are:

1. $10.00 credit for students  that supply there own ammunition

2. Students may use one of our center fire handguns at no extra charge.

 3. We do not included center fire ammo with the CPL class fee.  Student is responsible for ammunition costs.


Items Supplied by the student

Class clothing - casual clothing such as blue jeans etc. is recommended

Ladies  - please no low cut top wear- hot empty cases ejected form a semi auto handgun can fall into places that create a real discomfort factor. 

Shoes -  Generally wear shoes that help prevent slipping and falling. 

Athletic shoes such as running and walking shoes are usually the best.   No open toe shoes or sandals.

One baseball cap - Ejected cases have been known to fall behind safety glasses. A cap of any type helps protect your eyes.

Note: Prescription eye glasses are approved as safety glasses at the range. If you wear classes and use them to shoot a hat provides a visor over your eyes to help prevent ejected cases for falling behind you glasses. 




Michigan State Police Section

    The CPL holder/gun owner YOU are responsible for staying current on laws and CPL issues.

  You are not automatically put on a government update data base when you purchase a firearm or apply for a concealed pistol license.

   You are responsible for finding resources that will provide reliable information. There are many sources that provide this information on websites and social media. The only reliable source is the government entity publishing the laws .

 MSP contact web page

   MSP - Contact Phone Numbers

   Firearms: 517-241-1917
  Concealed Pistol License: 517-284-3700


   Use these links to sign up for Legal Resources and Updates

    MSP connect click here for connect instructions 

   MSP civilian updates - see   MSP Email Updates on connect website