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PART ONE - Basic Shotgun

Course Length: 4.0 - hours

Classroom 2.0

Range: 2.0 hours


In part one the student will learn the basics of shotgun operation, handling and shooting. 

Course content

  • Review manual

  • Safety and Handling

  • Operation Safety Check

  • Basic shooting Skills - (Builds a strong foundation)

  • Loading, unloading and reloading

  • Basic shooting positions

  • Managing and controlling recoil

  • Consistent reliable shot placement


Shotgun Headstart program - click here

The Advantage:

1. This allows the student to home study the shotgun course before attending the class.

2. Extend the training period without increasing the cost.

3. The student can post questions for the instructor on the "headstart" website  to be answered at class time.

4. All elements of the class and appropriate "how to" videos are available to the student use.


training Procedure

Classroom content 2.0 hours

Goal - Prepare for shooting skills through the use of---



Simulated practice


Range Shooting Skills - 2.0 hours

The student will practice and have a thorough understanding of tactics and live fire skill before going to the range. 

The  procedure will be accomplished through the use of simulated training equipment, demonstrations and video


 Legal (Optional) 2.0 hours


Note: Legal liability content is an option that is not included in the basic course cost.

Please add 2.0 to the program for firearms law and legal liability and a fee one time flat fee of 50.00 to the class cost.


Basic Shotgun Fee Schedule

Fees based on individual and private training

Total Time: 4.0   Fees  One person Additional  person  Total (2 per) Cost each  
Instructor fee 25.00 hour 4.0 $ 100.00  50.00 $150.00  75.00  
Range time 2.0 $ 30.00 30.00 30.00 15.00  
Ammunition   $ 20.00 20.00 40.00 20.00  
Classroom use fee - Flat fee   $15.00 15.00 30.00 15.00  
Total 4.0 165.00 100.00 $265.00 132.00  
add on subjects below -----
Firearms law and legal liability  2.0 hours 2.0  30.00 flat fee        
The Tactical Edge-Simulated tactical training 2.0 30.00 hr - w/instructor read more      













Gerald Wrage


Equipment: We can supply all equipment including shotguns and ammunition or you can bring your own



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