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  • Learn more about HGTS and our Bass Pro Shop training location  with our Visual Learning Center

Training Facility Orientation - See the advantages of training with HGTS at the Bass Pro Shop. Classroom location, range, eating facilities and much more view to learn more about the advantage and convenience of training with Handgun Training Specialists.  Running time: 3.0 min

Handgun Check-in and Range - Please view before you bring a handgun to Bass Pro Shop.
Running time 5.0 min.


Bass Pro Required disclaimer notice: Handgun Training Specialist (HGTS) is an outside provider of training that uses the Bass Pro Facility. While BPS supports our training. We are not employed by or act as an agent for Bass Pro Shops. 




  • Select Your Training Program Here

     Concealed Pistol Class 


    Concealed Pistol Renewal select from five programs to fit your needs.


    Basic Handgun for new shooters and concealed pistol development skills.


    Handgun Purchase Decision Making Learn how to  make the correct purchase for your needs.


    Semi Auto  basic and advance operation and shooting skills.

    Shotgun Basic and self defense trainings.


    Concealed Carry Self Defense (CCSD) Reality

    based training and self defense concepts.

    Pepper Spray non lethal self defense when

    deadly force is not an option.


    Shooting Simulator  practical and tactical skills that apply to a variety of individual needs.


    Note: all programs can be scheduled for individual or a private goup training.

    See private web page here or call 248-844-8274


    Need more information - Access our class information request form here or call 248-844-8274 or 248-309-9579

    Welcome to Handgun Training Specialist (HGTS)  A division of Protect Systems Training Academy inc. Office, development and testing facilities are located in Rochester Hills MI. and training at The Out Door World Bass Pro Shop located at the Great Lakes Crossing mall in Auburn Hills Mi.


    HGTS is responding to the needs of today's firearms owner by creating cost effective training methods through the use of our blended learning programs and innovative teaching methods and technology.  Our web based home study programs and the use of simulated training has allowed us to extend and enhance the quality of training without increasing the costs.


    Student training is enhanced by our Program Support Material including our exclusive HeadStart Course Preparation training.


    One of Hallmark developments in training is the introduction of our practical and tactical shooting simulator.  This will give the student a method to develop and improve the necessary skills not available at a live fire range.


    We provide the student with a one stop full service experience. Classroom, range, simulated shooting programs, firearms sales, accessories and food service are all under one roof.  There is also on-sight over night hotel accommodations.


    Small classes, individual instruction with special attention to the students needs is one of the guiding principles of our training philosophy.


    Training programs will presented on a 90 day rotating schedule that will allow the user to select an event most compatible with their life style.   Private training can be arranged for those who require or prefer the advantages of  the private training environment.

    Web based programs are always available.  90 day Class schedule will be posted to start in October 2017.




October 2017 

CPL  Class

Saturday October 28

Sunday October 29


November 2017 - schedule posted on Monday 10- 23-2017


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Handgun Training Specialists a division of Protect Systems Training Academy  248-844-8274

  Offices in Rochester Hills and Training at Bass Pro Shop, Auburn Hills, Mi.