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     CPL Renewal on line training 
   NOW -  Renewal training from the convenience of your computer. 
   Exceed the minimum requirements with our renewal Plus Factor  training.
   See this and more below


Preparing the way forward to the skills and knowledge for the handgun owner, CPL applicant and icense holder.

See the advantage of our web based programs, shooting simulator, teaching technique training technology.

Our training focus is quality over quantity
To be sure our students recieve the necessary training  to function at their expected skillset level we have small classes
(max 6 people) and give individual instruction.


Registration and Payment

We provide training at our faciity and travel to off site locations

We accept cash, checks and credit cards

We have our EZ monthly payment plan for those that would like to extend there payments over period of time.


We have developed a training program process that will:

1. Extend your training time

2. Increase your knowledge

3. Save training costs


Program Design Principle

Design programs that will allow the student to the ability to analyse their skills, correct for errors as required and see a way forward to success. 

   Training Programs


              NRA CPL Course   
 State of Michigan approved course with Plus Training to aquire the skillset to meet reality  based concealed carry requirements. See website


              CPL Upgrade Course   


             CPL Renewal Training   
 4 renewal programs that provide convienient and cost efective training.
  On line and classroom training that can include simulated and live fire range.
  See website


          Concealed Carry Self Defense  Reality based training


            Semi Auto Handgun      
   Learn to master the semi auto handgun. Learn normal, fail to fire and operate
  See website


           Self Defense Shotgun         
 THE FORCE MULTIPLIER - The 20 guage pump shotgun is a versitle multi use
  home self defense weapon. Learn basic and self defense tactics. read more


           Active Shooter Self Defense       Learn law enforcement active shooter engagment and self defense  

  techniques.  Learn tactics for school, church and shopping malls.




       Training Program Development      
Our Design and Development Center creates shooting senerios and training   programs  for inhouse and client requests - read more


The HGTS Training Advantage

Five components we add to our programs that help make your training a succesful and cost effiective experience.



            Computer on line training    
   NOW -  Renewal training from the convenience of your computer. 
   Exceed the minimum requirements with our renewal Plus Factor  training.
   See web page here


                Plus Factor Training   
 Plus Factor is the reality based skillset components not included in a standard CPL course due to live fire range limitations and classroom time constraints.
 Read more here


                Preparation and Study Guide   

All CPL content in one location and in a easy to use computer based format.
updates and links to necessary website.   See website here




              Court Defensible Training   

Just as the name implies. Are your actions defendable in a court of law or will
you have to take a plea deal and hope for the best.  read more here



      Laser Shot  Shooting Simulator   
  Develop the skills that are criticale to the CPL holder that cannot be done in a live fire range shooting range.  see website here


   Training Progarm Design and Development    We Design, develop and test training scenarios, courses of fire and complete programs for in house use and our clients use. Read more


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